Account Representative

Account Representatives are trained in communication skill sets and then assigned to a particular region of Raleigh, NC and are responsible for maintaining and creating new accounts for our clients and customers.We are working on a Business to Business Program presently, with a hefty portfolio of leads from our Client.  Specific responsibilities include campaign and territory management, client relations activities, team development and customer communications. This position is entry level, so no experience is necessary.


As a leader, candidates are required to have the experience and performance history to effectively train and the development new trainees to meet the standard field performance metrics. Specific responsibilities include the organization and management of all field activity required to successfully lead a team to meet the fixed performance targets. Tactics for such leadership include the Cycle of Development of others by acting as coach or mentor, including participating and instructing workshops and stations daily and weekly as well as providing support to all trainees under their assignment for the day.  Team leads are also developed with a particular focus on personal attention, feedback and encouragement through various opportunities for travel.

Assistant Manager

Advancement to the Assistant Management position will be given after a proven track record within a Team Lead position. Additional responsibilities include (but are not limited to) handling direct client interaction and regional campaign development as well as the overseeing of comprehensive advertising, public relations and finance coverage for each client.  Assistant Managers will be responsible for the direct management of a team of 15-20 Account Managers. All Office Managers MUST start in Account Management and demonstrate a superior personal performance record prior to promotion.


Managers are the primary contact between our firm and our clients, acting as the true face to our company and following a daily routine focused around creating a vision and setting expansion goals to further the growth of not only our organization, but our clients at large. Each Manager is responsible for the training and development of Account Representatives, Team Leaders and Assitant Managers. They ensure the team is fully briefed as to their targets prior to each activity and maintain contact as necessary toward each goal. Fundamentally, their responsibility is to help develop and promote others while maintaining a level of team unity and cohesiveness, while allowing people to express their individuality and passion for their positions and goals.